Mold Removal

Water Damage and Mold Removal and Restoration

It’s not always possible to prevent water from severely damaging your home. The majority of situations where your house goes through natural flood results in severe damage to the structural integrity of your home as well as the destruction of almost all items in it.

Another serious issue that water creates is the mold. Mold or mildew can destroy things and create a lot of problems in the house as it can harm people if they inhale the air infested with it. Mold removal is a part of our restoration and drying process, so don’t worry if there is a bit of mold in your house as we will remove it.

Preventing the mildew creation under different circumstances

Preventing the mildew creation under different circumstancesWe can destroy the mildew, but we are better at its prevention because that involves restoration of the affected areas and items. We do this through classification of the situation, and that allows us to focus on individual articles and areas of the house to prevent possible mold creation.

We have four distinct types of water damage, and the best possible situation that you can find yourself in represents the first category. This means that water damaged little to no space and that only one room (bathroom preferably) is affected. Only a few items are in danger of being destroyed by the water, and there is a small chance of water damaging the floor.

The second type represents the water damage that affects a whole room. The water affects materials like plywood and structural wood, and fast reaction is necessary to prevent extensive damage. It will take up to two days to complete the restoration and dry everything.

damages The third type of situation we encounter includes water that damages several rooms including the ceilings and insulation as it usually comes from the upper floor. We tend to focus a lot on the house rather than items if this is the case because the water and moisture can destroy the house elements while we restore smaller items. It can also inspire the creation of mold in tight places, and thus we focus on restoring the walls, ceiling and floors rather that items and that will reduce the possibility of mold issues.

The worst possible water damage situation

The worst possible water damage situationThe final type represents unique situations where moisture penetrated the construction of the house, and it accounts for a real problem. This usually happens if there is a natural flooding and water stays in the house for a long time. The mold develops in the majority of those situations, and it will take between three and five days to restore the house.

And now you see what we do and why our price goes up for some clients. So, don’t expect low price if your home spent day or more under the water, but you will get the best price if you call us rather than the competition.

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