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Male Plumber Cleaning Clogged Pipes

3 Common Water Damage Causes In Your Home

Water damage is a serious problem that literally ruins your home in a few hours. As you have a home, you should know the most common reasons for the water damage and therefore prepare yourself properly.

One of the things you could perform when furnishing your home is using the water repellent colors from Centre Colours for your floor, so you could save yourself a bit of time, at least on the new painting even though that your wood would probably be ruined and ready for the replacement.

However, when preparing for the worst-case scenario, you should know the most common causes of flood so you could inspect everything before leaving on the trip.

AC devices

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to HVAC devices is skipping the regular servicing, which simply must be performed in order to be sure you will not face trouble. The AC stocks up slowly the moisture from the air in the separate chamber that is built exactly for that purpose.

AC devices

AC devices leaking

Still, the problem arises when the regular drainage is not performed and water starts to leak outside. This means that your beautiful hardwood will be destroyed completely and that you will have to replace it with the new one. So, regular servicing is the key thing in preventing the AC hardware from becoming the reason number one for the water damage.

Washing machine

The second most cause for home water damage is a washing machine. The absence of regular checkups and inspections is the main reason why it starts leaking and if you ever had a leaking problem with this machine, you know how hard is to stop it. It usually starts leaking from underneath and you do not even notice this until the water starts collecting.


Washing machine leaking

Often the old washing machines, over time, lose the quality and start leaking and if the owner is not in the house, he will face a huge problem later. It is the same thing with dishwasher, as the latch often breaks and that causes the leak.

Clogged drains

This is the worst problem, as it can easily affect the bathroom drains and cause water to go up. If your toilet is clogged, not only you will have the problem with toilet but also with tub and sink. This water is extremely dangerous as it literally contains millions of bacteria that can seriously endanger your health and environment if not treated properly.

Clogged drains

Clogged drains leaking

The problem is that the water comes out very quickly and in case you do not react quickly, your entire home could become a swamp.  If this happens, you MUST call the professional service that will clean your house and perform the disinfection process to prevent any further bacteria growth.

Do not deal with this situation on your own, but rather call the professionals to solve the problem. The one thing you can do for sure is to perform regular check-ups to make sure your drains are clean and they will not become clogged.