Restoration of The Property That Suffered Water Damage​


Our company deals with the recovery of the building that went through flooding that threatens to cause irreversible damage to the household. Our services include everything from inspection of the location and detection of the issues to complete package that includes removal of water and restoration of the items that were damaged by water.


Remove Water

We can remove water from the affected area and leave it like that if that is something our client wants. This service isn’t possible if the water is continuously arriving and for that, the client will have to hire a plumber or someone else who can deal with it.

Inspection and detection


Inspection and detection

Inspection and detection represent the first stage of our work, but we offer it as a standalone service as well. As some people want to save some money and do the cleaning alone and they only require us to detect whether there is any extensive damage that they can’t repair.




The Salvation of the household items and house elements is the service which made us famous. We are known for a high success rate of item restoration, and thus we offer this service as a standalone. We do offer it as a part of a service package, but you can hire us for restoration only.


We represent a difference between significant financial loss due to the need to replace items you lose in the disaster and the loss that won’t require a new loan that will cripple your finances. This isn’t all about the restoration of the items as you can’t buy things that have emotional value. Check our premium prices, and you will realize how we can make a difference if you suffer a flooding.


Senior Accountant is a chief accountant that oversees the work that happens behind the curtains. They make sure that every bill is properly settled and that every client gains the insight into what they pay. The size of the fee we charge depends on the extent of work, and the accounting section calculates it by inspectors report.

Jose Rankin​

The equipment expert is a worker that is in a care of our gear. We use some sophisticated tools and equipment, and we have to make sure that they work at their full potential. This employee knows everything about that equipment, and they can fix it on the spot and ensure that it stays operative at all times.

Steve Irving​

The truck operator has several duties that they perform. The first duty is to drive the vehicle with a tank that receives water that we pump out of a site. They also help in mounting and dismounting of the extractor where they assist the engineer that operates it.

Kevin Sanchez​


If you live in an area in which we operate and you suffer a flooding then cut the chase and call us. There are others that offer same or similar services and advertise them as being the most affordable on the market, but if you want superior service, then you should just call us and save some money and a lot of precious items that were affected by the water.


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